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We are currently making three games of a very different nature. Seeds of Chaos is the oldest and most developed of these, and is a creative and unique twist on a Visual Novel. Jessika’s Curse is the youngest and most ambitious, this game aims to bring mainstream quality to adult players.The Eternal Feast is an old project that has had some hiccups, but is now working with a new team and management. While the three games are each different, they all share that they strive for both originality and excellence.


Venus Noire is a small group of people located in various places in the world.

Our members are located in a variety of places: we’re in the gloomy United Kingdom, the almost as grey Netherlands, various parts of Asia including Japan, and the good ol’ United States. We work via Discord and with project leads keeping their part of the train running, which is something we’re getting better at it all the time. All our projects are funded via Patreon, so you could say we’re very much the product of the modern crowdfunding age!


Our goal is simple: adult games in mainstream quality without any compromises!

We love adult content and we love games. What we’re not too impressed with is the quality of most adult games (there are some gems, of course). Our goal is to help set the standard for proper entertainment: no matter how hardcore the scenes in a game may be, it’s no excuse for whacky graphics and art or a total lack of balance. We want you to come back to our games, not just to FAP, but to play.

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